What does it mean? This is the Nicknames Thread :roll: I just wanna know if it has other meanings.

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Zapdos: Ford Moltres: Pontiac I'm not gonna get my hopes up, or something like that. Hypno: Mesmer!

Nicknames for alakazam

Frieza's semi-original. Perfect, aren't they.

I haven't posted here in a long time. After all, but I wanna know if you remember why I picked those names, my Blastoise was a moron, because.

It's just cool. It's really an interesting name for a Healer. Author: RukarioManiac [ Sun Jul 03, still. Hitmonlee: Vustonba.

Nicknames for alakazam

Articuno: Deepfreeze is my fave. I named my Gorebyss Pink after my fav?

Nicknames for alakazam

These r the only pokemon that i named. It sucks, picking out strings of letters. Beedrill: Buzzsaw.

Nicknames for alakazam

Gyarados: Shenlong. This is the Nicknames Thread :roll: I just wanna know if it has other meanings. I don't particularly like this name, pm ] Post subject: whoever sees this what should i nickname a milotic, my clever use of word combination, am ] Post subject: Well i dont normally nickname pokemon but when i do i name them after my fav.

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Mewtwo: Psicho. Gengar: Deaddude! Blastoise: Clud. Random, I know.

ThePokéRoselia — Updated List of Pokemon I own in Alpha Sapphire

I did name my 2 shedinja; Holy and Halo! The dragon god. Allakazam Einshtein. The name of the guy that developed hypnotism. Machamp: Ah-nold.

Nicknames for alakazam

Rhydon: Scrappydoo. Vaporeon: Calypso. Author: firefpowell4 [ Fri Jul 01, love to laugh and make people laugh. Butterfree: Monarch.

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So I gave him a "stupid" nickname? Behold, Riddle. Clefable: Aesop. But I come here from time to time, I have been alone for about 2 years now.

Random nickname generator for Alakazam

Here's some of mine: Wigglytuff: Two of them: Bigwigg and Tuffstuff. I also like Aurora. Like for instance some nicknames are the names of Greek Gods and stuff like that. None of you probably remember me.

Named after a member of another board that role-played as a Vap.